26 May 2015

How To Fake A Lie In

how to fake a lie in
When you're extremely low on sleep your face shows it. But before you reach for the coffee I have some superhero products that will make you look like you have had a glorious lie-in in a beautiful sun-lit loft when really you've had 3 hours sleep.

- Start your morning off right with an illuminating serum. The Vichy Life Serum helps to bring life back into your complexion. Gently massage in to combat sluggish skin fast. This light-weight serum contains tiny pearls which instantly perk up your complexion and give it a healthy glow.
- De-puff your eyes with an hydrating eye cream. I currently love the BeautyLab Instant Renewal Eye Complex*. I gently pat this in and I can notice immediately my undereye bags are less noticeable.
- To cover up dark circles use a highlighting concealer like the Elizabeth Arden Correcting and Highlighting Pen*. It has a yellow tint to it making it ideal for blue-y toned shadows.
- Lack of sleep can also cause your eyes to look red. Whenever I want them to appear brighter I'll take a flesh-toned eyeliner and line my waterline. My go to is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Liner in Nude.
- The Seventeen Skin Wow Primer is a new favourite of mine. It's great for perking up your fatigued face as its shimmery particles help you achieve a dewy glow in seconds. On days when I'm feeling really tired I'll use this all over before applying foundation.

Add a bold lip to divert attention from your tiredness and help boost your mood! What do you do when you haven't slept and it shows? 

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24 May 2015

The Weekend Catch-up #5

Yay it's the weekend! Plus it's a bank holiday - woo! I'll be spending the extra day off with good friends and good food. I have my fingers crossed it will be a sunny one so I can finally bare my legs. I've been good this week and haven't purchased any beauty products. That said, I may have bought some new shoes..and a dress..and a bikini #feelingspendy.

Brighter Skin: I had a day off this week so I stepped outside for some much needed vitamin D. As I have very fair skin I only stayed out for 20 minutes without SPF but unfortunately that was still too long and I woke up with patchy, uneven skin. I had no idea brown spots could appear so quickly! After a little research it appears I might have hyperpigmentation as a result of hormones. I'm no expert but I've got out all my brightening skincare products to help even out my complexion. Fingers crossed it works!

Empties: It's such a rarity that I manage to completely finish a product I just had to give it a mention in my weekend catch-up. I was proud to use up the Roger & Gallet Body Sorbet. I'm awful at remembering to moisturise my body but I really enjoyed using this and was a little sad to say goodbye. It made my skin feel incredibly soft and was deliciously perfumed. I also finished the Vichy Normadern Hyaluspot which targets imperfections. I found it did help to reduce my spots but it also claimed to leave no marks which I didn't find to be true, not a repurchase for me.

Testing out: I've been craving a summer holiday all week but with none on the cards I have been enjoying some new summer launches instead. The new Lord and Berry summer collection includes sizzling shades that would be the perfect accompaniment to a white bikini. Full review to follow.

Giveaway winners: Thank you to everyone who entered my Witch Skincare giveaway. The ten winners have now been contacted and you'll receive your prize next week!

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I hope you have a lovely weekend! What fun things are you getting up to?

22 May 2015

The Trick To Concealing Dark Circles

I was born looking tired so I've been battling dark circles my whole life. Discovering makeup in my early teens was a game changer as I finally found a solution to disguise them. I've tried every method under the sun from placing tea bags on my eyes, cucumber slices and various eye creams. My most trusted method is using concealer and a tinted eye cream. After many years of hunting for the perfect concealer to cover my pesky bags I've found products and a technique I'm happy with. If you also suffer with hereditary dark circles hopefully you'll find this helpful. 

From experience I find it vital to use an eye cream before applying concealer. It helps makeup go on smoother, last longer and prevents creasing. I'm currently using (and adoring) the BeautyLab Instant Renewal Eye Complex*. The hydrating formula contains light diffusing particles which help to make the undereye area appear brighter. If that option is out of your budget I also love the L'oreal Skin Perfection eye cream. My favourite way to apply eye cream is to use a grain of rice sized amount for each eye and gently tap it in until the product has been absorbed. 

Part one of the concealing technique I use is to correct any discolouration. My dark circles are quite blue-y toned and benefit from a peach coloured concealer. My go to product is the Seventeen Phoawr Paint in Fair. The creamy compact doesn't dry out skin and offers full coverage. I'll apply 1-2 thin layers of this before moving onto the next step. I prefer to apply this with a flat eyeshadow brush after foundation. Another honourable mention goes to the infamous Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer which I've repurchased countless times. 

Now the dark circles are almost covered up I take a brightening concealer to highlight the undereye area. I'll take something like the Elizabeth Arden Correcting and Highlighting Concealer* in 1 and dot directly underneath my eye bags before blending in with the Real Techniques Contour brush (the holy grail brush for seamless concealer application). A great drugstore alternative for the EA one is the L'oreal True Match Touche Magique. Be sure to buff in well so as to avoid a panda-eye effect. 

So the trick to concealing dark circles is to use two concealers. Firstly a high coverage, heavy duty option followed by layering a highlighting concealer on top. You could also finish off the look with a powder that contains light diffusing particles. I am yet to find one of these I like so do let me know of any! 

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21 May 2015

A Cleanser For Your Lady Bits

I generally find the feminine hygiene industry to be pretty cringey and outdated. Why would you buy something with the word 'vag' in it? I don't feel very confident about buying products for my lady bits let alone typing the word 'vagina' on here. But I do think it is an issue that should be discussed and I want to help you feel more comfortable buying intimate care products. I've enlisted in the help of new healthcare brand, SASS. 

SASS have created 9 intimate care products to encourage the modern women to take care of their vaginas, we only get one after all! Each product is designed to fit every lifestyle. The range is packaged is sleek, discreet bottles which actually look quite fancy in my shower. I've been trialling a few products from the range, here's how I got on...

Intimate Purifying Cleanser £7
We use a separate cleanser for our face and body so it makes sense to use a different one for lady parts. This is designed to be used as an every day cleanser to keep intimate harmony through its probiotic action, promoting good bacteria. I usually just use water to clean down there -TMI, as is this whole post - as my area isn't very strongly scented. It was a pleasant change to use this creamy cleanser and left me feeling fresh. It's not something I'd use every day but I'll use it once or twice a week to ensure optimum cleanliness. I also think this would be perfect for that time of month when you don't feel your best. 
Smooth and Soothe Shave Gel £10
If you're the kind of person who like to use a separate product for each body part this is going to be a delight. This has been specially designed to be used on your intimate area. The product is clear and non-foaming so you can see precisely where you're shaving. The purifying Salicylic Acid and exfoliating Fruit Enzymes help minimise ingrown hairs and razor bumps. 
Refreshing Mist £8
We are busy ladies and often rushing about, which can make it hard to stay feeling fresh as the intimate area naturally build up odour. This little spray is perfect for popping in your handbag and spritzing anytime, anywhere. Kind of like a facial mist but not for your face...

Would you try any intimate care products from SASS? If you have any questions at all, ANY, feel free to ask. No question is too personal for this topic. Consider this your vagina monologue. This is a safe place.

*pr samples

19 May 2015

Cream vs Powder Blusher Debate

cream vs powder blusher
collection gorgeous glow review
collection speedy sticks review

I love a good beauty debate. Foundation or BB cream? Plastic or bristle wand? Liquid or kohl? Today's beauty question is cream or powder blusher? I've never had a strong relationship with blusher. I'm happy to save when it comes to purchasing so I can splurge out on the things I love such as mascara or concealer. Don't get me wrong, I love the way blusher perks up your complexion but it doesn't get me excited. That is until I tried these new offerings from COLLECTION- now I'm back on the blusher bandwagon!

Fighting in the cream corner are the new COLLECTION Speedy Blush Sticks*. Available in three summery shades these offer a soft hue of colour to the apples of your cheeks. Beginners - these are for you, they are impossible to bodge up.These blend easily and have a velvet finish making them also suitable for oily skin gals. I simply stripe it on and blend in with my fingers. These are a fool-proof option for fellow blush noobs. It's also worth noting that the creaminess of these sticks make them an ideal candidate for lip colour too.

Representing powder products are the new Gorgeous Glow compacts*. These come in two shades - pink (Blush Block) and bronze (Bronze Block). Each palette contains five shimmering hues which swirl together to create a subtle sunkissed glow. I'm favouring the bronzed option for the upcoming warmer months. These aren't overly shimmery but give you a healthy glow like you've just woken up in a sun-lit loft. Their use doesn't end at cheekbones - these also add an appealing gleam to temples, your collarbone and eyes. 

On one hand the Speedy Sticks are perfect for a fuss-free way to add a pinch of colour to your cheeks. But the Gorgeous Glow palettes are so versatile and create a beautiful sunkissed glow. Where do you stand on the blusher debate? Are you #TeamCream or #PowderPosse? I'm still unsure but slightly swaying over to the cream side. Over to you guys, place your vote here

COLLECTION Speedy Sticks and Gorgeous Glow Palettes £3.99 available from Superdrug and Boots.

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