24 June 2015

Pre Holiday Prep

Although I'm not going on holiday for a few weeks I like to get my prep in early. I sort out through all my mini beauty samples, stock up on suncream and shake up my routine so I feel a bit more holiday ready. I also get all geeky and plan a full itinerary for the trip, just me?

I love a good body scrub all year round but even more so just before going on holiday. After doing a full body scrub with my trusty Soap & Glory Smoothie Scrub I'll also apply a body oil all over; this product duo helps me feel firmer and keeps my skin super smooth.

I find hair removal my least favourite thing. I hate how time consuming it is and how quickly the hair grows back. The new Argan oil range from Nair makes the process feel slightly more pampering a less of a chore. My favourite from the new collection is the Argan Oil Shower Power Cream (reviewed here).

Before baring my bod on holiday I like to apply a little fake tan. During the winter my skin sees no sunlight and practically becomes transparent. Having a natural looking faux glow makes me feel more confident and less nervous about stripping off. My two favourite brands are Xen Tan and Cocoa Brown. 

A holiday without some pre-pamper prepping on your fingers and toes is unheard of for me! I love picking out nail varnish colours that best compliment a tan and this time I'll be wearing white on my hands and a glittery, sea blue on my toes. 

Keep an eye out for a Post Holiday Prep coming your way soon! Are you off anywhere nice this summer?

22 June 2015

New Nair Liquid Gold Argan Oil Range

nair argan oil review
I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to hair removal. I stick to using a razor as waxing is a definite no-no. I like how fuss-free using a razor is but the hair grows back so quickly! However, bikini season is among us I've found a solution. 

The Nair Argan Oil collection features 5 innovative products, giving you the freedom to choose a product which best suits you. Each product is infused with nourishing Argan Oil and Orange Blossom extract, offering something more than just hair removal. I've been testing out two products from the new range, keep reading for find out how I got on!

Nair Argan Oil Salon Divine Body Wax With 'Bye Bye Pain' Formula £11.99*
Waxing is usually a big no-no from me but I thought I'd brave testing this out in the name of blogging research. I was intrigued by the 'Bye Bye Pain' formula which promises to take the pain out of hair removal. The solid wax comes in a microwavable tub which just takes a couple of minutes to heat up. Using the wooden spatula provided I glided a thin layer onto my legs, allowed a few seconds for it to harden and then pulled off. To my surprise, it was nowhere near as painful as traditional waxing strips however it didn't remove all my hairs. It also took a bit of practise to apply the correct amount of wax and things got a little messy. I really like that it's stripe-less and it had a nice salon-like scent but I'm unsure if it was right for me.

Nair Argan Oil Shower Power Cream £6.69*
I've tried hair removal creams in the past and have always been put off by the awful, chemical scent. This product contains a trio of skin-loving ingredients such as Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and Cocoa Butter giving it an incredibly delicious fragrance. You simply apply a thick layer and wait a couple of minutes before jumping in the shower. Once in the shower the cream doesn't come off by its self, instead you have to remove it with the spatula provided. It did a great job of leaving my legs silky soft and was really easy to use. This is super gentle on skin so great for those prone to sensitivity. I was pleasantly surprised by this and will definitely be picking up next time I'm after hair removal cream.

Further reading: How To Look Like You've Been On Holiday (it's our little secret) 

20 June 2015

Dove #100colours Challenge

I'm guilty of always wearing dark colours. My wardrobe is probably 85% black; I normally opt for darker shades because I find them easy to wear and often don't feel adventurous enough to wear bright clothes. A recent poll commissioned by Dove suggested that I'm not alone. The results revealed that two thirds of British women would choose to wear a 'little black dress' for an event due to its reputation as a timeless classic, rather than embracing colour. As well as this, body confidence is cited as the key factor steering women away from wearing colourful clothes, yet almost two thirds of UK women say that wearing a colourful dress makes them feel happier and more confident compared to when they wear a LBD. Over the next few weeks I'll be embracing a brighter wardrobe and exploring the possibilities that come with ditching the LBD. I'll be using the Dove Invisible Dry deodorant to brilliantly prep my underarms and hopefully help boost my confidence. Impressively, Dove Invisible Dry is proven to leave no white marks on 100 colours so I'll be putting it to the test over the next few weeks!

19 June 2015

What To Buy This Weekend

Hooray for the weekend! I can't wait to put my feet up and do nothing. If you're heading to the shops there have been a lot of exciting beauty launches lately. Here are some of the new products I have been adoring lately for a bit of shopping inspiration.

COLLECTION Lasting Colour Lipsticks £2.99
Just launched from COLLECTION are 21 lust-worthy lipsticks. They come in a range of matte and cream formulas both of which are super long lasting. I'm seriously impressed with these and have been reaching for 'China Rose' on a daily basis. Definitely worth a look next time you pass a COLLECTION stand.
Ella Henderson for Batiste £3.29
Dry shampoo is my best friend so I always welcome a new variant. The latest release from Batiste has a beautiful creamy coconut and vanilla scent. I think this would be perfect for the warmer weather.
Ted Baker Pink Body Spray £7.00
If you're a sucker for pretty packaging you'll want to check out the new Ted Baker Bath & Body range. It's a pastel lovers dream with a selection of baby pink and mint products to choose from. A favourite of mine is this body spray which I like to keep in my handbag.
Nair Argan Oil Power Shower Cream £6.99
Gone are the days of funky smelling hair removal creams. The new Argan Oil range from Nair smells divine and makes hair removal a little bit more enjoyable. It contains cocoa butter and is suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Also, it's currently on offer at Boots - yay!

Will you be adding any of these to go shopping list? 

16 June 2015

How to Look Like You've Been On Holiday

It seems like everyone on my Facebook feed is sunning themselves up on some beautiful, Instagram-able retreat. Minus me of course. Instead of sitting at home feeling sorry for myself I decided to rummage through my beauty bits. I give you the products that will fool people into thinking you've spent two weeks away gallivanting on a glorious holiday. After all, who doesn't want to look bronzed, relaxed and rested? It'll be our little secret..

I haven't touched the fake tan for months and that's so unlike me (boyf influence?). To make people question whether you've been away, apply a natural looking faux tan. My all time favourite is the Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan. You can adjust this to go as dark as you want; whether you're after a weekend in St.Tropez golden glow or a two week holiday in Antigua hue. If you're not a fake tan fan opt for a instant mist which is a fool-proof way of adding some colour. I like the new Body Shop Honey Bronze Leg Mist. Simply spray on and rub in for a natural, matte, bronze-y glow. Perfect for fellow pale ladies.
When I return from being on holiday my skin had a subtle glow to it. All that water intake and Vitamin D does wonders for my skin. To get that glow at home use a brightening moisturiser such as the Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser. This wonderful product instantly gives skin a refresh and makes it appear clearer.
Nothing says 'I've been on a beach all week' like summery, bronzed makeup. For a healthy glow apply bronzer all over your face and blend onto your neck. Another Body Shop product I'm loving is the Honey Bronze Bronzer in 02. It's light enough for my fair skin and blends seamlessly. Add a highlighter to the areas where sun would naturally hit for an added sun-kissed glow.
A bright lip always perks me up and makes me feel more confident. It also screams 'hey I just came back from my holiday and I look great so I'm gonna wear a bright lip'. To achieve that holiday vibe I love the The Revlon Moisture Stains. Not only are they named after different destinations, the shade range is AMAZING. 'Miami Fever' is an outrageously bright orange-y red. Once applied it looks quite coral-y and compliments your tanned skin perfectly. These are like a non-sticky lipgloss which leave a stain once dried.

So where are you 'going' this weekend? I fancy Rome..

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