25 October 2015

How To Make The Most Of That Extra Hour

The autumnal nip is well and truly in the air.The more the temperature drops the more I find myself layering up my skincare as well as my knitwear. During the colder months I have to invest more TLC into my beauty routine to boost dehydrated skin. When hydration levels are low an extra few minutes spent pampering your skin can make a huge difference. Here are my top moisturisation tips to get you through the winter and help you make the most of that precious hour.

5 mins
Turn your bathroom into a spa-throom by lighting some cute tea lights or a beautifully scented candle. The low light gives the brain a message to relax.
5 mins
Before jumping in the shower take a few minutes to vigorously sweep a body brush up the arms, legs and back towards the heart. This stimulates lymphatic circulation, which helps to eliminate toxins effectively.
10 mins
A facial massage is my favourite way to relax. If you haven't tried it before, you're missing out. A 10 minute massage is all you need to see instant results. Use a facial oil for a hit of hydration.
10 mins 
Exfoliating gently removes dead skin cells from the surface, allowing moisturisers to function effectively. Give skin the superior care it deserves with Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash which leaves skin feeling softer and smoother after just one wash. This feels like a heavenly treat compared with my usual body wash choice.
10 mins
Apply moisturiser to skin whilst damp as it helps your skin retain its moisture. Let it soak in for a few
minutes, then towel off the excess.
10 mins
If your feet are dryer than the Sahara invest in a thick, creamy foot cream to keep them baby soft. Slather your feet in a rich moisturiser and follow by putting on a thick pair of socks. The next morning your tootsies will feel noticeably softer.
10 mins
Before bed take some time to look after your hands as the cold weather can play havoc with them. Gently massage in a cuticle oil to keep dry skin away. Pair this with a thick hand moisturiser and your mitts will feel seriously loved.

Which tip is your favourite? Will you be making the most of the extra hour with some TLC? Don't forget clocks go back October 25th!

12 October 2015

To blog or not to blog?

If you're a reader of my blog or follow me on social media you may have notice things have been quite recently. It was a conscious decision to take a step back from blogging but I never addressed the matter because I didn't really know what to say.

I've been blogging for nearly five years now and lately I've not been enjoying it as much. You know when you get to that stage of not loving something anymore? Although I'm proud of my blog and the opportunities it has given me, I'm unsure of the what direction to take next. I'm struggling to create different, interesting posts. I don't just want to be another beauty blogger reviewing the same products everyone else is. But, at the same time I don't want to quit. Blogging is my escapism. Somewhere I can express my creativity and admiration for beauty. 

I still love reading blogs. It's my favourite thing to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Although you may not be hearing from me as frequently as you have in the past, I'm going to make an effort to make what I publish more suited towards what I'd want to read and not just what everyone else is doing.

If you're feeling the same way about your blog or another passion of yours just know it's ok to feel this way. People change, we grow and we want different things.

17 September 2015

Share Your #mybodyphilosophy and Win A Years Supply of Bio-Oil!

We see edited images of bodies everyday; most of which are unattainable and unrealistic. These kind of photos have a negative effect on us and make us feel like we aren't good enough. Young adults are especially influenced by this and has a huge impact on their self confidence. In my teens I often worried and scrutinised my appearance; altering my looks to be more like the cover girls on my favourite magazine and less like me. I would avoid swimming lessons as I was too body conscious and always made excuses to get out of PE. according to a recent survey by Bio-Oil, I wasn't alone. Out of 3000 women a quarter said they had been bullied about their looks making 1 in 5 feel ugly and 1 in 10 self harm. As well as this, 41% of women said they believed they would be happier if they have more body confidence. Looking back now, I know I should have worried less about my body image and focused on more important things. Even today I'm still hung up on my insecurities and I believe if I had more support during those influential school years things would have been different.

Cult beauty brand Bio-Oil have teamed up with body confidence charity, Body Gossip to inspire a life time of body confidence through a road show of performances in schools. Bio-Oil are calling out for your body philosophy to help boost self esteem and body confidence. Your body philosophy may be something you wish you had known when you were younger or some wisdom your mother passed onto you. A few quotes I love are 'real girls are not perfect, perfect girls are not real.' 'Embrace your imperfections, it's what makes you unique!' And also, 'Take care of your body as it is the only place you can live.'

To help inspire others and be in a chance of winning a years supply of Bio-Oil simply share your body philosophy below. Body philosophies shared will become valuable content for the campaign and used to inspire a generation of young people to love their bodies.
Good luck!

Giveaway T&C
- Must be a follower of Make Me Up via Bloglovin' or Instagram. Leave your username in the comment.
- Open to UK residents only.
- Giveaway runs from 17/09/2015 - 26/09/2015
- One winner chosen at random will win a years supply of Bio-Oil.

27 August 2015

The Body Shop Italian Summer Fig

Fig fanatics listen up. The new Body Shop Italian Summer Fig collection is truly delightful. I want to bathe in the scent all day. The whole range has that 'green', natural scent whilst still keeping a feminine element. The Italian Fig fragrance is more on the earthy side rather than girly. It feels quite grown up and more sophisticated than anything else I own. I adore the elegant packaging and chic black & white design. 

Italian Summer Fig EDT 50ml £18.00
If you're after an affordable fig fragrance look no further. This is my favourite product from the range and I can't express my love enough. The top notes compromise of grape leaves and crocus (I'm not too sure either). The heart notes are juicy Italian Fig and warm Tuscan Rose adding a sweet undertone to the fragrance. The beautiful scent ends with notes of Oakwood and Amber turning it into a fresh, light fragrance that lingers on skin. This is my new fig favourite - perfect for the warmer months as it's not overpowering. 
Italian Summer Fig Shower Gel £6.50
Described as a green, juicy fragrance this shower gel smells beyond delicious. It's exactly what I want on cool summer mornings and balmy evenings. The refreshing scent cleanses my skin beautifully leaving me feeling comforted and invigorated.
Italian Summer Fig Body Butter £13
This creamy formula is like silk for your skin. As with the other products from the range the scent is refreshing and not sickly sweet. It soaks into my limbs quickly and works best layered with the products above.

Are you a fig fan too? Check out the other products from the range here. I think I need to add the fragrance mist to my collection..

*post contains pr samples

24 August 2015

The 72 Hour Pamper

I love bank holidays. Extra long weekends were made for pampering. Why not stretch out your pamper session to last three days? I have collated a luxurious edit of at-home, spa-worthy products to aid your relaxation and rejuvenation. Time to turn your bathroom into a spathroom (see what I did there?).

- Begin by detoxing skin with a double cleanse. I like to use a makeup removing cleanser first following by something with skin-loving ingredients. My current combo is the No7 Gel Cleanser and the SK:N Exfoliating Cleanser.
- Follow this up with an indulgent face mask suited to your main skin concern. With a house move and starting a new job, this month has been a bit stressful and my skin has suffered. I'm reaching for the Temple Spa BeCalm* Soothing mask. This beautiful mask has a thick, creamy formula which helps to smooth, firm and calm sensitive skin. It's seriously hydrating and gives skin a dewy glow. Ingredients such as cucumber, liquorice and basil add to its repairing properties.
- Finish you DIY facial with a refreshing spritze of toner. A few firm favourites of mine are Serozinc, Avene and Jurlique.
- Allow your nails to breathe by going polish-free. Apply a nourishing cuticle oil such as the Nail Apothecary Cuticle Elixir*. This cute little bottle contains Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil which helps to moisterize and soothe damaged cuticles.

-Start of the day with a de-fuzz. I prefer pain-free methods such as hair removal cream. I opt for products suitable for sensitive skin like the Veet Natural Inspirations Hair Removal Cream*. This is suitable for legs and body and is specially formulated with Grape Seed Oil which is known for its softening properties. You simply smooth is on, wait 10 minutes and remove with the spatula provide. Such a quick and easy way to remove unwanted hair!
- Give hair a break from heat styling and treat your locks to a hair mask. I'm a huge fan of the L'oreal masks which come in an array of variants. You can leave this on for as long as you want, sometimes I'll keep in on overnight and rinse it out in the morning.
- Long term readers of MMU will know such how much I love a good body scrub. I personally don't think you can beat Soap & Glory. The scent, formula, price - the holy grail of body scrubs.
- It's always best to follow a body scrub with a hydrating body lotion. Lightweight formulas soak in quicker and don't leave skin feeling tacky. Right now I'm using the &OtherStories Body Souffle.

- Fool your family/friends into thinking you've had a weekend away with a little self tanning. Because of the body prepping you did yesterday your tan will look natural and streak free. My favourite fake tan has to be Cocoa Brown, I've expressed my love enough for it on here so won't go on.
- Don't forget to give your mouth a little TLC. At home teeth whitening kits are a great way to brighten your smile without a trip to the dentist. Results aren't going to be dramatic and will fade without continual use. The iWhite2 Instant Teeth Whitening Kit* promises results after just one use.I like how easy the disposable trays are to use. After one 20 minute session I can notice my teeth are slightly whiter, just don't expect drastic results.
- Before heading back to work, enjoy an indulgent shower with a luxurious shower gel. When it comes to indulgent bathing Roger & Gallet never let me down. Their newest Bienfaits Shower Gel* is a concentrated blend of juicy blood orange, mandarin, bergamot and lemon creating the ultimate citrus experience. The thick gel works into a light foam that moisturises and soothes skin whilst stimulates the senses.
- After letting your nails breathe for a couple of days it's time to continue the pampering using a nail buffer. I adore the neon nail accessories from Tweezerman which are never going to get lost in your handbag. The Smooth, Shine & Buff Block is ideal for home manicures. Each side is gentle on nails and provides long lasting results.
- Finish off your bank holiday pamper with a swipe of the Nail Apothecary 24k Gold Ridge Filler Treatment* on each nail. The Omega 3, Keratin Amino Acid and Lingonberry Seed Oil formula has gold flecks suspended in the treatment. This helps to protect nails from splitting and promotes healthy growth.

Let me know if you'll be taking part in a bank holiday pamper!
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